Opportunity Hub’s 1-Day Incubator provide a fast paced, intensive version of one of our typical 6 week domain specific courses for entrepreneurs into a single, one day high-octane workshop experience.


Do you have an idea and want to understand best practices for bringing it to market? Are you working a job but want to pivot and start a business; yet want to make sure that you fully understand what will be required of you as an entrepreneur? Do you have an existing service based business and want to productize to scale? Are you finishing college and want to pursue a career as an entrepreneur?

If you answer to any of the above questions is a yes; then our 1- Day Incubator is for you.

Le’Kiesha French, Founder, CEO of my Life

Technology/Software & Application Development Startups
Travis Nunnally, Cofounder, Brain Rain Labs
Troy Nunnally, Cofounder, Brain Rain Labs

Consumer Products Startups
Shakiri Murrain, Founder, Jade Trading Company
Brandon Rickman, Cofounder, Opportunity Hub; Cofounder; First Mondays Angel Investment Group

Hair & Beauty Startups
Candace Mitchell, Cofounder, Techturized

Government Contracting
Abraham Xiong, President, Government Contractors Association

Creative Economy
Stacy Epps, Esq., Professor, Art Institute of Atlanta

Airport Concessions
Mac Wilbourn, Founder, Mack II, Inc. d/ba Atlanta Bread & Bar, Baja Fresh, Checkers Hamburger, Famiglia Pizza, Phillips Seafood, Popeyes Chicken & We Juice It

Scale & Growth
Darin McAuliffe, Founder, Ideate; Cofounder, Idea Village

Diversity & Inclusion
Rodney Sampson, Founder & CEO, Opportunity Hub; Founder, Kingonomics; Founder, Legacy Opportunity Fund family of companies

The Opportunity Hub 1-Day Incubator provides a fast paced version of a typically 6 week course for new innovators, entrepreneurs and investors into a single, high-octane workshop. This experience is a highly pragmatic, extremely focused day that allows early- career professionals to experience intense coaching and understand steps required to take an idea and turn it into a scalable enterprise.

The 1 day incubators include a full day of activities including lectures, team exercises, pitch practice and plenty of excitement.

In essence, the 1- day incubator will help you:

  • Learn to think differently when ideating any new or existing product or service you desire to bring to market
  • Learn with a renewed vantage point when addressing the primary pain point you are focused on solving while simultaneously developing your definitive value proposition
  • Learn the importance of achieving product market hit
  • Learn the importance of building strong diverse and inclusive cofounding teams and advisory boards from a diverse group of people by sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Learn to properly pitch your idea

The 1 Day Incubator concludes with teams competing for the best pitch in front of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who judge the teams to determine the best idea.

In 1 day, you are exposed to the innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem and can determine if you are ready to navigate life as a 21st entrepreneur.


  • Technology
  • Consumer Products
  • Health & Beauty
  • Creative Economy
  • Government Contracting
  • Airport Concessions
  • Diversity & Inclusion

Stay tuned for our Q415 forthcoming 1 day incubator series schedule.