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Rodney Sampson
Chairman, Opportunity Ecosystem
Partner, TechSquare Labs


Derrick Morgan
Cofounder, Huddle Ventures
NFL Player, Tennessee Titans


Michael Peterson
Cofounder, Huddle Ventures


Dr. Collette Pierce Burnett
President & CEO, Huston-Tillotson University


Cheryl Dorsey
Cofounder, ThePlug


Brantlee Fields
Director, ProAthlete TV


Drayton Florence
CEO, Selective Management Group
Retired NFL Player


Paul Hammond
Cofounder, Black Valley


Minda Harts
Cofounder, The Memo


Van Jones
Founder & CEO, Dream Corps | Yes We Code


Awamary Lowe-Khan
EVP, Carolina Small Business Development Fund


Jess Knox
Chairman, Startup Champions Network


Tess Possner
Director, TechHire


David Rixter
Outreach Manager, State Small Business Credit Initiative, United States Department of Treasury


Cheryl Wade
Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Booz Allen Hamilton


Barbara Whye
Head of Inclusion Strategy, Intel