We bring together authentic diverse, inclusive and equitable innovators, entrepreneurs & investors to disrupt poverty and close the wealth gap for all.

From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

About us

Opportunity Hub, co-founded in 2013 in Atlanta, GA by Rodney Sampson as a follow up to the highly successful Kingonomics’ conferences grew to become the largest multi-campus entrepreneurship center and technology hub in the United States specifically focused on diversity and inclusion as a business thesis for the development of high demand technical talent and high growth startup companies.

Programs like CodeStart, #YesWeCodeFund, #100BlackAngels and HBCU@SXSW were pioneered. Each year, over 15,000 people walked through Opportunity Hub’s doors to learn, engage, build and work.

After a successful merger with TechSquare Labs in late 2015, Sampson worked closely with Dr. Paul Judge and Allen Nance to launch a technology hub, corporate innovation lab and venture fund that now boasts 22 portfolio companies that have gone on to raise follow on capital of over $200 million, created over 500 new jobs and $75 million in revenue.

TechSquare Labs is the host of the quarterly $100,000 Atlanta Startup Battle.

Opportunity Hub simultaneously began to productize its success in Atlanta in order to expand and scale globally.

Today, Opportunity Hub is preparing to scale its work and business by building four products to productize the entrepreneurial and investment success realized via our work at Opportunity Hub and TechSquare Labs over the last five years which includes taking minority college students to SXSW to get paid internships, running startup, technology and coding school programming for 20,000 annually and supporting startups that have raised over $300 million and created 500 jobs.

Product One

Product one is a mobile application branded "ecosystem" and is designed to onboard our target users into the innovation, entrepreneurship & investment ecosystem. Think Tinder and Udemy for wealth creation via innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

Product two

Product two is a college campus chapter model and annual signature that aims to bring 500 technical, non-technical and entrepreneurial students from minority serving institutions to SXSW, the largest technology festival on the planet with a simultaneously deployment of these students back to their respective colleges and universities to launch Opportunity Hub (OHUB) @ Campus chapters.

Product three

Product three is a learning management system that decentralizes traditional education by ensuring that African Americans and other minorities are accurately represented in K-12 and college level academic based textbooks and courses. The first product will be an accredited college textbook and course that captures the African American's contribution to innovation, entrepreneurship and investment from slavery to date; and a roadmap to high growth entrepreneurship in the 21st century and beyond.

Product four

Product four is an investment platform branded "society", anchored by a registered investment advisory, financial services platform and equity crowdfunding technology.

"The Kingonomics' philosophy is that we must invest in the innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem to withdraw from innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem."

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From Spelman to HBCU@SXSW to Microsoft


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Opportunity Hub is authentically invested in creating inclusive innovation economics - from our founder's work with Kingonomics, Sharktank & TechSquare Labs.