Opportunity Hub provides its members and stakeholders with access to over expert mentors that are available to provide guidance and direction as they navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Whether your company is in the ideation phase, growth stage or nearing your exit, we have mentors that have been there – some two, three and four times. Our mentors engage with coworkers 1-on-1 and in groups.  Although most sessions area live-in-person, some are live-via-phone or live-via- Google Hangout or Skype. Meet our mentors and their areas of expertise.


Throughout the week, mentors keep open office hours for members to schedule 1-on-1 or group sessions to discuss their business. Over time, this equates to thousands upon thousands of dollars of expert coaching, mentorship and advisory. At Opportunity Hub, we strive to ensure that our members and stakeholders avoid the pitfalls of not knowing what they simply don’t know.

Opportunity Hub mentors and special guests offer classes and courses aimed at teaching the innovation, entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem to founders and co-founders of companies at all stages. We are particularly proud of our live-in-person, #ecosystem influencer chats, live Google hangouts and interactive panel discussions. Our current course offerings include our Entrepreneurial Pre-Accelerator, Code School, Scale School and Angel Investor Certificate. Check master calendar for class and course start dates and tuition.


Opportunity Hub hosts some of the nation’s most relevant conferences and events on innovation, entrepreneurship, investment and crowdfunding. From the @Kingonomics and opportunity.UP // unleashing private equity conference, ecosystem influencer series, #SouthernFriedFridays, #Sharktank viewing parties, Pipeline Fellowship, Daymond John AcademyRefresh South and Goodie Hackathons, Opportunity Hub is committed to presenting premium and valued added events. Check out our master calendar for upcoming experiences and events.