Opportunity Hub’s #StartupSummer Accelerator* is an intensive and fully immersive summer program for students devoted to learning how to think like an innovator, entrepreneur & investor, start (cofound) their own business or develop the skills to work in a high growth startup and develop the mindset and tools required to create and innovate new ideas.


#StartupSummer is taught by practicing innovators, entrepreneurs and investors committed to creating the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. Your children will work very hard during their respective program. Choose from Entrepreneurship (6-8, 9-12), Coding & Gaming (K-5) or Robotics (K-5)

#SUMMERSTARTUP 2015 Recap Video

Created by 2015 Participants.


Over a four week period, students are taught to think like successful entrepreneurs, esteem to the high growth industries of today and tomorrow, understand the essentials to launching a startup and bringing their product/service to market and pitch their ideas to potential team members, customers and investors.


Coding is your child’s key to unlocking the future. Innovative educators are calling for making computer science a cornerstone of the early learning experience, event for grade-school kids.
And according to those responsible for teaching them, programming is just the beginning. When you learn to code, you start thinking about processes in the world.


Designed for campers, the WeDo™ Robotics program introduces campers to robot design and programming utilizing basic machine principles to create robots capable of performing simple tasks.  This is a very simple building and programming camp geared toward LEGO® fans. Join us as we build awesome LEGO® animals such as lions, alligators, monkeys.  Use your imagination to create a robotic soccer player and goalie!