White House Initiative

Opportunity Hub Announces Multi-Year Inclusive Entrepreneurship Initiative With White House

President Obama to Host the First-Ever White House Demo Day

Opportunity Hub Announces Multi-Year Inclusive Entrepreneurship Initiative w/ Whitehouse


WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, August 4, the President will host the first-ever White House Demo Day, which will celebrate the important role entrepreneurship plays in America’s economy. Unlike a private-sector Demo Day, where entrepreneurs and startups pitch their ideas to funders, these innovators from around the country will “demo” their individual stories.


The Demo Day event will showcase why we need to give more entrepreneurs from all walks of life a chance to turn their ideas into indispensable products and services, and will include new announcements from Steve Case’s Revolution Fund, The National Venture Capital Association, Kapor Capital, Global Accelerator Network, Opportunity Hub, JP Morgan Chase, Techstars and other organizations expressing their commitment to inclusive entrepreneurship. Check out the Whitehouse Fact Sheet.


After the President gives his remarks at approximately 3:40 PM ET, Opportunity Hub Cofounder & CEO will expound on its multi-year inclusive entrepreneurship initiative on Periscope. Download the Periscope app and follow us at @OHUBATL.
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“Fifteen years ago, I was probably the only black co-founder of a high growth, scalable, tech startup in Atlanta that had successfully raised 7 figure seed and series A rounds from angels and VC’s. Today, I can count them all on one hand. This is tragic and must change,” says Rodney Sampson, Founder & CEO, Opportunity Hub. “Today, Opportunity Hub (OHUB) in solidarity with President Obama’s first every White House Demo Day is excited to announce a multi-year initiative specifically designed to address the talent, knowledge and early funding gaps impacting underrepresented communities as they strive to navigate their way through the innovation economy.”


Opportunity Hub (OHUB), based in Atlanta, is launching a new inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment initiative in collaboration with The Iron Yard and Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center. The goal of this multi-year initiative is to increase the number of investable minority, high-growth technology and technology-enabled startups and early-stage companies in the United States, and includes millions in full and partial code school scholarships with The Iron Yard which will create over 1,000 new software engineers; $1 million in full and partial scholarships to OHUB’s Pre-Accelerator, which will provide a pipeline for over 100 diverse entrepreneurs to over 70 accelerators for pre-seed funding; and more angel investors of color via the Angel Investing Certificate Program with Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center. This builds on OHUB’s past track record of housing and pipelining more than 100 inclusive startups that have gone on to raise over $5 million in seed capital.