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From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

About us

Opportunity Hub (OHUB) is the world's leading authority and platform for inclusive ecosystem building.

Opportunity Hub, co-founded in 2013 in Atlanta, GA by Rodney Sampson as a follow up to the highly successful Kingonomics’ conferences grew to become the largest multi-campus entrepreneurship center and technology hub in the United States specifically focused on diversity and inclusion as a business thesis for the development of high demand technical talent and high growth startup companies.

Programs like CodeStart, #YesWeCodeFund, #100BlackAngels and HBCU@SXSW were pioneered. Each year, over 15,000 people walked through Opportunity Hub’s doors to learn, engage, build and work.

In late 2015, Opportunity Hub merged its coworking operations with TechSquare Labs, a corporate innovation lab and venture fund that has invested in over 30 companies that have raised over $300 million in follow on capital, are valued at over $1 billion dollars, generate $75 million in annual reoccurring revenue and growing and employ nearly 1,000 people.

During this time, Opportunity Hub continued to expand via its national programs and productize its programmatic success for the future.

Today, OHUB has re-positioned herself as the definitive ecosystem building platform for preparing and providing its members access to high demand technology careers, high growth startup resources and exclusive investment opportunities for the definitive purpose of creating new multi-generational wealth for those who haven’t traditionally had access to pre existing multi-generational wealth.

OHUB is focused on four proven methodologies as a definitive path to creating amazing and unfathomable opportunities in socially disadvantaged and underrepresented communities and beyond. These four methodologies include capital formation and investment, early interest & exposure, technology education & placement and startup ecosystem building.

To scale its current work to date, opportunity hub is building a suite of collaborative and interconnected investment vehicles, accelerated skills development initiatives, intuitive technology products and long-term partnerships with large corporations, technology companies, foundations, family offices, government agencies and entrepreneurship-led ecosystem building organizations globally.

"The Kingonomics' philosophy is that we must invest in the innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem to withdraw from innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem."


Rodney Sampson, Chief Executive Officer
Corey Smith, Talent Placement Initiatives
Isaiah Grigsby, OHUB@Campus
Bill Hughes, Head, Learning & Instructional Design
Jervis Hough, Chief Compliance Officer, Capital Formation
Armica Nabaa, Influencer Development
Randy Mitchell, Product


21 Savage
S.A. Sampson, Director, Kingonomics
Kent Bazemore, NBA Player, The Atlanta Hawks
Van Jones, Founder, Dream Corps & #YesWeCode
Megan Smith, Former Chief Technology Officer, United States of America
Dr. Paul Judge, Founder, TechSquare Labs
Rich May, Founder, Innovation Villages
John McElligott, Cofounder, The Fortress Academy
Dr. Richard Swart, Director, Crowdsmart
Samson Williams, Cofounder, Axes & Eggs

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From Spelman to HBCU@SXSW to Microsoft


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Launching An Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Anywhere


From Spelman to HBCU@SXSW to Microsoft


Launching An Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Anywhere


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Opportunity Hub is authentically invested in creating inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship & investment ecosystems - from our founder's work with Kingonomics, Mark Burnett Productions, Sharktank, TechSquare Labs and Brookings Institution.

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