From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

Capital Formation

Our capital formation initiatives are based off an investment platform branded "society", anchored by a registered investment advisory, financial services platform and equity crowdfunding technology.

100 Black Angels Investment Syndicate

The 100 Black Angels initiative is grounded in the associative principle of altruism. We seek to connect high growth startups and existing companies with investors that look like them.

With the knowledge and support of existing weathers up-and-coming builders can foretell a future of ownership and affluence. Our belief is simple and reflective in other lesser conspicuous forms of nepotism. We intend to identify, inspire, train, and mentor a collective of hand selected, African American, high net-worth individuals to invest in high growth startups and ecosystem building initiatives.

The Commencement

Initially, the Black Angels will target working professionals, existing government contractors and companies that procure contracts from large corporations via supplier diversity and/or government contracting opportunities and teach them how to leverage their taxable income to invest while simultaneously reducing their overall tax liability. In many cases, this provides a reduced or zero risk when investing. In addition, some states like Georgia provide an Angel tax credit for investing in businesses located in Georgia.

Our message to these people and companies is that they have a responsibility to engage in the entire business ecosystem and investment cycle. Investing is the ultimate way to give back and has the greatest opportunity to create generational wealth and sustainability opportunities for generations to come.

Our Thesis

Angel investment in startup, early stage and growth stage companies, especially in high tech, high growth and scalable industries provide the greatest opportunity for new job creation and wealth creation.

This wealth is realized when these companies are sold, acquired or go public. Make no mistake — investing in startups and early stage companies can be very risky. However, when these companies succeed, they do very well. Even when they don’t succeed, they create much-needed jobs in the meantime and can provide tax incentives for many investors.

Through an annual minimum investment, participating Angels support startups that have completed accelerators and incubators (i.e. Hillman, Y Combinator, Techstars, 500Startups, AtlantaStartupBattle).

Opportunity Funds

OHUB partners with major corporations and foundations to create "Opportunity Funds" for the specific purpose of increasing direct investment in high growth startup founders of African American descent. Investment includes investment, operating and programmatic capital. Our 20 year goal is to raise and deploy up to $1B US in seed stage capital.

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