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From Spelman to Microsoft

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From Spelman to Microsoft

Ecosystem Building

We must invest in the ecosystem to withdraw from the ecosystem. OHUB’s ecosystem building products allow for easy on-boarding and engagement with the knowledge, work and investment opportunities in tech and beyond.

"Ecosystem - Wealth Builder" Mobile App

Available in the Apple and Google Play store, ecosystem is designed to onboard and acclimate our target users into the innovation, entrepreneurship & investment ecosystem by utilizing an interactive format that is popular amongst today’s generation.

Think Tinder and Khan Academy for wealth creation via access to peer to peer expert knowledge, in demand tech jobs, high growth startup entrepreneurship resources and investment opportunities that could lead to accelerated multi-generational wealth creation.


Peruse the archive, build your knowledge base, expand your reach.

OHUB live Monthly streamed events, panels, and information sessions provided and viewable exclusively in the ecosystem app.

News Updates on the latest moves in and around technology, innovation, and inclusion entrepreneurship.

Library Search our collection of exclusive interviews, panels, publications, (audio) books, and more using your specific point of interest (i.e. Wealth Building, Social Justice, Startup hacks).


Through our relationships with the top tech companies seeking inclusion and diversity, we’ll provide users access to job and internship opportunities.

Job postings Each opportunity will include outlined roles, clear descriptions and skill requirements, and detailed information about the company.

Skill development Based on your current skillset, we will provide resources and learning materials in order to take your competitiveness to the next level.

Licensing and Joint Venture Model

Over the last six years, Opportunity Hub has built a national brand as a leader in inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem building in Atlanta, America and around the world.

Also understanding that many organizations such as schools, colleges & universities, municipalities, chambers, foundations and neighborhood organizations may not be in a position to lease or purchase real estate assets to launch their hubs and related programming, we’re prepared to license our brand, playbook, curriculum and platform to them.

If a joint venture opportunity around a real estate opportunity presents itself, we are prepared to make that decision to acquire and operate. OHUB will also power the inclusive ecosystem building initiatives of existing co-working spaces, accelerators and incubators.


Opportunity Hub, the nation’s leading inclusive ecosystem building platform partners with corporations to launch innovative and inclusive ecosystem building programs as a definitive and sustainable solutions to growing, amplifying and evolving the authentic diversity of their human capital, suppliers and brand as socially responsible citizens in the innovation economy and beyond.

Programs are custom built and priced for each partner but always touch talent, procurement, corporate innovation, corporate social responsibility and/or social impact. OHUB will also manage your company wide diversity, inclusion and equity goals and objectives.

Black Ecosystem Network

The Black Ecosystem Network is comprised of inclusive ecosystem builders throughout the country that own and or manage safe space for diverse technologists and entrepreneurs to build without the micro-aggressions that are often experienced in majority white spaces. Additionally, these inclusive ecosystem builders offer programming to education and create new technologists and high growth startup entrepreneurs of color. They also invest in startups at some level either directly or via a formal investment process. Founding members include OHUB (Atlanta, GA), TRIBE (Miami, FL), BLKTECH INTERACTIVE (Charlotte, NC ), Inclusive Innovation Incubator (District of Columbia), Innovation Villages (Baltimore, MD); South Box (Philadelphia, PA), Harlem Co-lab & Capital (Harlem, NY), BLUE 1647 (Chicago, IL), Hillman (Cincinnati, OH) and P.A.C.E. (Seattle, WA). Collaborative partners include Federal Reserve Bank, Kauffman Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

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Opportunity Hub is authentically invested in creating inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship & investment ecosystems - from our founder's work with Kingonomics, Sharktank & TechSquare Labs.