Futures Colleges is the Minority Serving Institution of Industry 4.0.

Connecting talent to opportunity, and opportunity to talent.

Discover Your Future 

Gain Access to Certifications, In-Demand Skills Training, & High-Paying Employers

The OHUB Futures Cloud platform has the ability to rapidly train people using the online educational system engaged learning approach. We also have access to learning management systems that support rapid reskilling.

Zero to Blockchain

This course provides learners the skills they need to design decentralized systems.

Robotic Technician

This course provides students with the skills needed to construct dynamic programs for robots.

UX Design

Learn the skills necessary to design mobile apps/websites that users love.

Database Design

Learn how to store all of the data needed to make your web/mobile app useful.


Learn Linux, networking, and scripting in this course designed to protect computer systems

Technology Sales

Sales, marketing, and management courses for technology firms/products are offered here.

Intro to Coding

In this intro class, students become familiar with control structures and implementation in Python.

Apps & Games

Learn to design interactive applications to provide entertainment to your users.

​Providing Technical Training & Certification in In-Demand Career Paths


We leverage evidence-based innovation and inclusive pedagogy to help learners gain technical, communication, and professional skills that prepare them for the careers of Industry 4.0. Our proprietary technology platform provides a standard for the industry to evaluate, identify and connect high-quality diverse talent to meaningful training and employment opportunities in the market.

Discovering Your Future.

We provide students and working professionals alike with the skills necessary to thrive in a ever-evolving, competitive job market. We help learners gain practical experience and skills related to their interests. Our goal is not to simply provide access, but to make career exploration become career success.

Shaping Talent For the Future.

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The industry is changing, and it’s time for the skills required to be a part of it to change too. Industry 4.0 is an effort to redefine “smart factories” to incorporate things like cloud computing, big data analysis, and advanced robotics. We are committed to preparing students and professionals for Industry 4.0 by providing hands-on learning in anticipation of the skills demanded by today’s employers.

An Inside-Out Approach to Economic Prosperity & Success. 

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We have a shared vision to create pathways for opportunity and wealth creation for disenfranchised communities that have historically been left out of the mainstream economy. Our focus on wealth creation through economic prosperity and inclusion is grounded in our firm belief that the best way to eradicate poverty is to create prosperity.

My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

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John Smith, Divi Design Initiative

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