High-Growth Company Building Certificate Initiative

Welcome to the future of entrepreneurship and wealth building in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About the Program 

Activation Capital and Opportunity Hub have joined forces to build a Black technology, startup and venture ecosystem in Greater Richmond and Central Virginia. The organizations are building an infrastructure that will provide access to entrepreneurship support, training, and capital opportunities that have historically been out of reach for Black and brown founders building high-growth, venture-backable companies.

Launch Event

Hosted: March 3rd
7:00pm-9:00pm EST
The High-Growth Company Building Launch Event is the kickoff to a 6-month effort to diversify Virginia’s technology and start-up ecosystem.

1-Day Startup Masterclass

Hosted: April 23rd
9:00am-12:00pm EST
100 idea-to-product stage founders will be selected to learn how to build a high-growth company from the ground up in the 1-Day masterclass powered by OHUB, Activation Capital, and Trajectory Series.

1-Month Bootcamp 

Hosted: April 30th, May 7th, 14th, & 21st, 2022
9:00am-3:00pm EST
50 founders from the Masterclass will be handpicked for this program designed to help them prioritize decisions in their startup idea to strategically navigate from idea to product-market fit.

Pre-Accelerator Powered
by Lightship Capital

May 24-26th, 2022
9:00 am – 1:00pm EST

10 founders from the 1-Month Bootcamp will be chosen to complete Lightship’s coveted 3-Day Bootcamp. This accelerator is the perfect ‘business bootcamp’ for every founder, including information and direction around legal, product, sales, marketing, and investment readiness.

The Investment:
Capitalizing on the Opportunity


OHUB will select one company from the Lightship cohort and invest $50k via a convertible note. This initial investment  will be followed by introductions to accelerators including: Techstars, Alchemist and more. Along with early stage investors like Fearless Fund, Backstage Capital, Zeal and M25- providing additional leverage for this company’s success.

Free Access to 
OHUBxIBM Skillbuild 

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This digital training program allows Founders to build the skills they’ll need to stay venture ready. Through a mix of project-based learning and simulated real-world scenarios, the program offers training and certifications in fields like Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain to keep your skills in peak performance. 

OHUB and Activation Capital are providing access to resources, training, and capital to advance entrepreneurship.

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