Welcome to the most inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem on the planet.

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Our story

Opportunity Hub (OHUB) is the definitive future of work, opportunity and wealth creating platform to ensure that everyone, everywhere is equitably included with scalable access to the tech, startup and venture ecosystem; in demand technology education, training and careers; vetted entrepreneurial support programs and early stage capital; and investment opportunities as a path to multi-generational wealth with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth.

Opportunity Hub (OHUB), co-founded in 2013 in Atlanta, GA by Rodney Sampson as a follow up to the highly successful Kingonomics’ book release and best selling conferences in Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC., grew to become the largest multi-campus co-working space, entrepreneurship center and technology hub in the United States specifically focused on authentic diversity, equity inclusion as a business and go to market thesis. Programs like CodeStart, YesWeCodeFund and OHUB.SXSW were created. Hundreds became software engineers. Over a thousand hired. #BlackAndHired.

Our safe spaces

We opened our first 7,500 s/f campus in downtown Atlanta at 200 Peachtree in the summer of 2013. In September 2014, we added 14,000 s/f with our expansion to West Midtown’s Giant Lofts and the historic Westside historic in a joint venture with the late Herman J. Russell. In late 2015, we partnered with some local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to open a 25,000 s/f campus in Georgia Tech’s Technology Square. This partnership has invested in over 40 high growth tech startups that have raised more than $400 million in follow on capital, are valued at $1.5 billion US and employ more than 2,000 people. Currently, OHUB operates a space in the historic 18th & Vine District in Kansas City, Mo and on the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.


OHUB is a business and foundation, with an ecosystem building venture fund.

OHUB is the leading technology, startup and venture ecosystem building platform created to ensure that everyone, everywhere has equitable access to the future of work, fourth industrial revolution and beyond as a path to multi-generational wealth creation with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth. Leveraging our proven, metrics driven blueprint and methodology as outlined in “Building Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystems In Communities of Color” with The Federal Reserve Bank, OHUB delivers early exposure, skills development, job placement, entrepreneurship support programming, net new job creation and alternative capital formation via geographically placed technology hubs, citywide communities, campus chapters, managed programs and live events and experiences that include thousands of college students, young professionals, founders, investors and ecosystem builders throughout America and beyond. Current programs and initiatives include OHUB.365, OHUB.Campus, Momentum@Morehouse, OHUB.Cities, OHUB.SXSW, OHUB.HIMSS, OHUB.BlackInAI and 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund I.


For communities, OHUB is a campus for content, curriculum, careers; and co-founder and capital resources and opportunities. Aspiring or expert technologists, executives, founders and investors apply for starting complimentary membership to OHUB; and evolve their level of engagement and access as time goes on.

For enterprises, OHUB is a supplier and partner to over 50 tech companies, Fortune 500 corporations, high growth startups, venture funds and growing. We provide authentic diversity, equity & inclusion services and solutions across an organization’s corporate governance, human resources, procurement, product innovation, go to market and social impact.

For municipalities, OHUB launches local and regional inclusive innovation districts, ecosystem building and startup accelerators designed to create and sustain inclusive in demand workforces and entrepreneurial ecosystems in the form of public private partnerships to disrupt income inequality, poverty and the racial wealth gap while increasing a region’s economic mobility and growth for all its constituents. Kansas City, Mo is the first expansion market. OHUB plans to expand to 100 cities over the next decade.

For investors, OHUB is a platform to access under-estimated fund managers, founders and our family of ecosystem builders.

Collaboratively, we persevere to ensure equity in the future of work and 4th industrial revolution for everyone, everywhere.

Welcome to the ecosystem.


Rodney Sampson, Executive Chairman & CEO
Heather Hiles, Vice Chairman & CEO, OHUB Futures
Dave Parker, Partner,  Entrepreneurship Programs
Dane Simmons, EVP, Capital Formation & Managing Partner, OHUB.Fund
Justin Sampson, Chief of Staff
Ana Agneshwar, Partner, Talent
Darren Freeman, Partner, Talent
Arshauna Candler, Lead, Campus
Lyndon Breckenridge, Lead, OHUB.KC
Charles Brown, Lead, Content Production


21 Savage

Shanterria Sampson, Director, Kingonomics
Megan Smith, Former Chief Technology Officer, United States of America
Troy Carter, Cofounder, Q&A; Formerly Spotify, Atom Factory
David Weild IV, CEO, Weild & Company; Former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq
John McElligott, Cofounder, The Fortress Academy
Judy Robinett, Founder, J. Robinett Enterprises
Dr. Richard Swart, Director, Crowdsmart

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