Black Technology Ecosystem Investors Certificate Program



The Black Technology Ecosystem Investors Certificate is a nine-lesson, comprehensive self-paced, asynchronous online training on the opportunities, tactics, nuances, and strategies required to become a knowledgeable investor in high-growth technology startups and venture funds. This cert is uniquely designed for current or aspiring investors who want to invest through the lens of racial equity and support Black fund managers and Black-founded companies with their hard-earned investment dollars. During the nine lessons, participants will grow their knowledge and experience in all aspects of the investment process and leave with an increased ability to find and make sound investments in the kind of funds and companies they want to support. While the focus of this course is on investing in the Black technology, startup, and venture ecosystem, the learning can also be applied towards investment in the overall aset class.

Ideal participants for the BTEI Course

  • Persons and institutions aspiring to become investors in this asset class; and who want to direct more of their investment dollars toward Black-fund managers and founded companies/entrepreneurs; or the ventures of other underrepresented groups
  • Practiced investors who want to invest in Black ventures funds, high growth companies and ecosystem building organizations; yet struggle to access the ecosystems and entrepreneurship support programs that are developing these companies (i.e. want to increase their pipeline)
  • Any current or aspiring investor who already has this interest/value/commitment and would benefit from the tactics and practice that this course will provide