DEIS Certificate Program


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Solutions (DEIS) Certificate Program is designed as an immersive, six-module engagement to create and integrate solutions that effectively operationalize diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions into all key facets of your organization.

It features a proven framework of best practices and culturally competent insights to help you identify and implement the actions that will lead to advancing your organization’s market share, economic output, and shareholder value while developing your strengths as a transformational leader in your industry and ecosystem.

Participants will engage with and learn from nationally known experts such as Opportunity Hub founder Rodney Sampson, leading faculty from UNC, Duke, and Stanford University, and a long list of exciting speakers who are living this important work every day. You will learn from them how to critically examine key business functions in your company–such as talent, procurement, and product development–through a lens of equity.

You’ll be guided through the process of developing your own DEI strategy by creating a DEIS Canvas that will serve as a visual plan to implement within your company. Throughout the six-month program, you’ll create a roadmap for your organization, start implementing it and get real-time feedback from experts and trusted peers as you execute.

At the program’s conclusion, you will receive a DEIS Practicum Certificate, will have completed a ready-to-implement strategy and solutions document, and will have access to the DEIS content as a reference and guide for future use.