Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Solutions (DEIS) Practicum

OHUB’s DEIS Practicum is designed to take you on an ongoing journey at your convenience as you embrace the innovative best practices for operationalizing authentic and measurable diversity, equity & inclusion solutions across your company’s boards/governance, talent, procurement, product development, go to market, investment and impact. Built for investors, founders, boards, your C-suite, senior managers, decision makers & corporate fiduciaries, DEIS will increase the economic output and ROI of your business while also positively impacting the communities you serve. Welcome to the OHUB ecosystem!


“Rodney and his team have a comprehensive approach to DE and I. This is not a one-course, one-topic program. Instead it’s an end to end framework that takes into consideration every aspect of a business and its touchpoints, ensuring those that leverage it achieve meaningful long-term impact for all stakeholders. Rodney’s incredible drive, passion and wisdom are injected throughout, making DEIS something all companies should explore.”

— Jocelyn Mangan (CEO and Founder, Him For Her)

Diversity, equity and inclusion is quickly evolving; it requires greater rigor in order for this work to be fully codified particularly in the tech ecosystem. Rodney and his team have created a holistic approach that truly encompasses DEI that both equips and empowers participants. The DEIS is a next level program that touches on all facets of the organizational and employee life cycles that truly operationalize efforts and create greater DEI efficacy.

— Bernard C. Coleman III (Chief Diversity & Engagement Officer, Gusto)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has a large impact on a company’s bottom-line. The increased awareness of its importance as a key business metric, validates that “doing it right” is integralI. I had the pleasure of sitting on the OHUB diversity, equity and inclusion panel in the fall.  This resource that Rodney and his team are creating is invaluable.

— Roxane R. Johnson (Vice President, Human Resources & DEI, CareSet Systems, Inc.)

Rodney was one of the dozen Black colleagues I reached out to after George Floyd was murdered. I asked them each the question, “What are two things you are doing to eliminate racism that I can support you with time, network, and money?”  Since then, Rodney and I have embarked on several projects together. The DEIS Membership which will include access to our annual DEIS Practicum is one of them. I encourage founders, CEO’s, investors and beyond to join this racial equity revolution.

— Brad Feld (Cofounder, Foundry, Techstars & Anchor Point Foundation)

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