Diversity, Equity & Inclusion As A Service (DEIS)

From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

From Spelman to Microsoft

Diversity, inclusion & equity as a service

Opportunity Hub, the nation’s leading inclusive tech, startup & venture ecosystem building platform partners with corporations of all sizes to launch innovative initiatives as a definitive and sustainable solution to growing, amplifying and evolving the authentic diversity, equity and inclusion of their systems, human capital, suppliers, customer markets, social impact and brand for the specific purposes of increasing economic output for the business, asset building for its team members and social capital in the innovation economy, future of work and beyond. Programs are custom built and priced for each partner but will always touch corporate governance, talent, procurement, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, brand and go to market strategy, corporate social responsibility and/or social impact. OHUB will also manage your company wide diversity, equity and inclusion goals and objectives in collaboration with your organization's invested leadership and ownership. Here are some examples of an inclusive ecosystem building program for your organization.

Branding and go to market

Create custom events, experiences and campaigns that authentically brand your organization in communities of color

Launch or attach your brand to a comprehensive media relations, integrated marketing and social media campaign that effectively positions your company as authentically welcoming of creating good will, doing business with and creating new jobs opportunities in diverse communities

Develop a go to market customer acquisition initiative led by diverse team members and partnering organizations designed to increase market share in respective diverse community or ecosystem.

Human resources and talent

Sponsor and support initiatives and experiences like OHUB@Campus and HBCU@SXSW to expose high potential minority technical & non-technical talent to the innovation economy

Create a branded inclusion talent outreach, recruitment and placement initiative. Set goals and track the outcomes.

Commit paid internships, co-ops, apprenticeships and full-time work opportunities to Black and Latinx talent. Pay in cash, perks, and equity (when available). Asset building and multi-generational wealth creation is the ultimate goal when serving under-estimated and under-sponsored low income communities.


Revamp or launch an inclusive supplier procurement program by competing an audit of all your existing suppliers

Create a branded outreach initiative to attract & procure new firms to do business with your company

Fund training, mentorship and capacity building programming for your inclusive suppliers

Organize an annual inclusive supplier summit at your headquarters

Participate in OHUB inclusive supplier event

Corporate innovation and entrepreneurship

Launch an inclusive innovation initiative that engages and hires inclusive and entrepreneurial product developers and go-to-market teams to solve your company’s hardest problems

Partner with OHUB and fund an inclusive innovation lab at a minority serving institution such as a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) or technology hub located in a low income census tract or Opportunity Zone. Access potential tax credits and or potential capital gains tax services.

Create a new seed stage venture fund with an investment thesis of funding the startup, growth and scale of inclusive startup and suppliers to do business with your organization and beyond. Access potential capital gains tax savings.

Corporate social responsibility and social impact

Launch and fund a foundation to make donations to support inclusive ecosystem building initiatives

Fund diversity, inclusion and equity education and training for current and future employees and interns

Fund accelerated education and skills development (coding, technical sales, agile, career readiness, entrepreneurship, etc.) and mentorship via OHUB’s college, university and workforce partners

Learn more about our inclusive ecosystem building programs, initiatives, products and services for corporations.

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OHUB is the leading technology, startup entrepreneurship & and venture ecosystem building platform created to ensure that everyone, everywhere has equitable opportunity in the future of work, fourth industrial revolution and beyond as a path to multi-generational wealth creation with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth. Welcome to the ecosystem.