Founded in 2013, Opportunity Hub (OHUB) is the leading future of work, startup entrepreneurship, early stage investment and wealth creating platform to ensure that everyone, everywhere has early exposure to the tech, startup and venture ecosystem; in demand technology education, training and talent placement; inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems; and early stage capital. This is driven by our geographically placed technology hubs, citywide communities and campus chapters that include thousands of college students, young professionals, entrepreneurs and new investors from hundreds of colleges and universities across America and beyond.

OHUB, EDCKC and KC.UP are launching OHUB.KC to ensure that everyone, everywhere in Kansas City and beyond has access to the technology, startup and venture ecosystem as a path to ensure racial equity in the future of work and 4th industrial revolution. The first step is to build a community of like minded people committed to learn, engage and invest together. We welcome your application for membership into OHUB.KC.

Welcome to the ecosystem.