Black Technology Ecosystem Investors (BTEI) Certificate 

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Powered by Opportunity Hub [OHUB], 100 Black Angels & Allies Fund and The Links, Inc. Black Technology Ecosystem Investors Certificate Program is a nine-lecture, comprehensive asynchronous virtual training on the tactics, nuances and strategies required to become a knowledgeable investor in Black high-growth technology startups, venture funds, ecosystems and beyond. It is uniquely designed for current or aspiring investors as well as high net worth individuals, who want to invest through the lens of racial equity and support Black founders and Black-founded companies with their investment dollars. 

Earners of this certificate discover how to invest in the Black technology, startup and venture ecosystem, and examine investments through the lens of racial equity to close gaps in capitalization for historically underfunded founders.



“The Links remain committed to our wealth building initiative in partnership with Opportunity Hub and 100 Black Angels and Allies Fund this includes syndicate investments via LEEP (The Links Economic Empowerment Platform), Black College Initiatives, Talent Partnerships with tech companies, and this very important collaborative… we believe the more Black men, women, and institutions that are specifically educated on how to properly invest in this growing asset class- we will together help narrow the gap in early-stage capital that goes to Black fund managers, Founders, and ecosystem building organizations.”

Kimberly Jeffries Leonard, Ph.D., The Links, Incorporated National President

“As we know the future is diverse, and the new ideas, novel perspectives you know, the future product, services, and markets that we’re going to see in the coming years- they’re going to be invented by a much more diverse set of Black, Latinx, [and] female founders and we’re going to need more investors in the ecosystem that know how to play the entrepreneurship game- that have learned the lessons about how to become an angel investor and finance and help, support and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

— Charles (Chuck) Eesley, Stanford, Associate Professor and W.M. Keck Foundation Faculty Scholar in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

“The mission of OHUB, the work of Rodney, and the certificate program are very much centered on how we get the private sector working for the public good and specifically for businesses that need capital-for Black and Brown businesses that need capital… To partner with him(Rodney) and OHUB on the certificate program- it’s the type of work we love to do. We can’t imagine having a better partner and really feel blessed to be in this relationship.”

— Greg Brown, Distinguished Professor of Finance, Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Scholar and Executive Director of the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

Subject Matter Experts & Instructors 

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This certificate will be helpful if you

  • are a current or aspiring angel or venture fund investor
  • are a Black and/or ally high net worth individual with interest in this alternative asset class
  • are committed to creating a more equitable ecosystem and narrowing the wealth gap
  • want to understand the regulations and risks associated with investing in early stage companies

After this course, you will have

  • knowledge about the Black tech ecosystem
  • knowledge about Black tech deal flow
  • an understanding of the regulatory and legal landscape for investment
  • experience with evaluating and making investment decisions 
  • relationships with national players in the Black Tech Ecosystem
  • access to Black fund managers investing in this asset class.

Topics covered

  • Angel and venture fund Investing
  • Navigating the Black Tech Ecosystem
  • Understanding SEC and legal regulations
  • Risk assessment when investing in early stage companies
  • Venture fund and direct startup investing
  • Negotiating terms sheets
  • Post-investment mentorship and advising
  • Accounting, taxes and exits
  • Black wealth creation

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